Renana paints with acrylics on canvas stretched on wood, while using various materials including painting on wood, plaster bandages, relief, plastic bags and more.
In her paintings, Renana juxtaposes symbols of nature, freedom, enjoyment, and creation with rigid, dictated symbols. At times she paints things that are illogical, creating a contrast, expressing perfection next to imperfection, rational things alongside things that transcend logic – merging them together into a unified painting.
For her, the surface of the painting is like a drawing board that has no rules… she lets the unconscious come out in it, yet gives the spontaneous scribbling meaning. She gives meaning to things that seem small, trivial, or transient, captures ambiguous moments and immortalizes them on the canvas.  The painting is not clear or unequivocal, and for her this reflects how every person looks at life from his or her perspective.
She usually leaves untreated and empty spaces in the painting, as though saying that it could possibly go on; that the painting never ends and one can always add to it. Like a tree standing in the wind: even when it is photographed as a beautiful photo, its branches will continue to move in the wind